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Resist Density is a grassroots movement working to defend the coastal community from out-of-scale developments in Moss Beach / Montara and the greater Midcoast.


MidPen Housing is in the process of purchasing the 11 acre undeveloped property on the border of Moss Beach and Montara, across Highway 1 from Point Montara Lighthouse:

Image courtesy San Mateo County GIS Services, 3/1/2016

MidPen Housing is proposing 71 rental units configured as one and two story singles, duplexes and triplexes. MidPen has built the following communities in Half Moon Bay: Moonridge, Half Moon Village, and Main Street Park.


We are standing together as a community to say NO to poorly planned, out of scale developments. We need volunteers to build awareness, voice concerns, and attend meetings.  Please see the Get Involved page for specific ways to get involved.



1. It is bad planning to position a new housing development in an isolated location. Moss Beach is 7 miles from community-oriented services without adequate transit and walkability. An additional 71 homes will translate to 100’s of additional cars relying on Highway 1.

The Sierra Club Loma Prieta chapter states “there could hardly be a much worse location for affordable housing in the urbanized Mid-Coast”.

The Smart Growth Guidelines for Sustainable Design & Development, a project of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), validate these concerns. New developments should have transit options and walkability to community-oriented services in order to reduce the dependency on single occupancy cars. The proposed Moss Beach development will have a high Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) as new residents will travel 7 miles to community-oriented services such as grocery stores, job centers, banks, religious and cultural organizations, health clinics, pharmacies, places of worship, laundry/dry cleaning, schools and child care.

2. Traffic is a significant concern for all coastside residents as commutes are becoming longer and accessibility of the coast and community-oriented services diminishes. The midcoast is already congested. The cumulative impact of this new development combined with the approved Big Wave Business Park, Vallemar Bluffs Project and other new single family homes will result in more traffic, increased congestion and decreased accessibility of the midcoast to both residents and tourists.

3. There is immense intrinsic value in the preservation of coastal environments and historic sites for future generations.

This parcel has been used by the public since the early 1900’s as natural open space, a Naval anti-aircraft training base during WWII, an elementary school during the 1960’s, and most recently as a park. Recent generations have used this property for walking, bird watching, biking, dog walking, and as a neighborhood adventureland for children.

4. There are environmental concerns surrounding this project.


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