The Unincorporated Midcoast of San Mateo County, including Montara, Moss Beach, El Granada, Princeton and Miramar, is a treasure of protected open space, coastal views, wildlife, beaches and recreational opportunities for residents and visitors alike.


HWY 1 is both a County-designated scenic corridor and a critical daily travel route through the Midcoast - it is limited to two lanes along Montara Beach by the Coastal Act, and there are no alternate routes.

But inappropriate projects threaten to impair the coastal experience by reducing accessibility, increasing road dangers, worsening traffic, and straining the road/sewer/water infrastructure. 

The Midcoast must be protected!

MidPen Housing is proposing to build 71 units on 11 acres of open space on the isolated Moss Beach/Montara border. This project will add hundreds of additional cars through narrow neighborhood roads and clog HWY 1 passage, plus burden our already failing sewer system and traffic infrastructure, and add strain to the coastal environment.

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Commute times are increasing as is the number of annual visitors.

Infrastructure needs to be assessed and improved prior to approval of major projects.


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A total of 101 Sanitary Sewage Overflows (SSOs) were recorded from Half Moon Bay to Montara from 2011 to mid 2017, according to public records manually compiled by Resist Density. These findings raise significant questions as to whether the infrastructure can accommodate any more large projects.

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Decisions for the greater coastal community are seemingly made independent from one another. 

What are the cumulative effects of all this rapid urbanization of the San Mateo County Coast?

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