Big Wave Commercial Center

Approved by Board of Supervisors and Coastal Commission in 2015

News Update: On June 6, 2017, SM County Board of Supervisors voted to allow Big Wave developers to amend the agreement despite major opposition from the community, erasing 12 years of a long-fought public process. This decision allowed for the reversal of a key condition that required building of the housing before any commercial construction could begin. Read more here

Big Wave is a large-scale commercial project which has been approved, though not yet built in Moss Beach. It is located in a high-risk tsunami zone and is estimated to generate 1500 daily car trips* in and out of the development, through narrow neighborhood roads. Here are other key points:


• 8 total buildings, including 5 large office buildings

• The office buildings alone are equivalent to the size of approximately 1.5 Walmarts

• Wellness Center and housing for 50 developmentally disabled adults and 20 caretakers

• Large boat storage facility

• Parking lots for approx 500 cars


* Hexagon Traffic Study, August 28, 2014

High-Risk Tsunami Zone

Scientists consider Half Moon Bay one of the top five most vulnerable points in CA for a tsunami.*


A devastating earthquake off the south coast of Alaska would send a shockwave of water toward the San Francisco Bay Area that drives the ocean up about 30 feet on San Mateo County shores. Pillar Point Harbor, Princeton and the southern reaches of the airport would be under water.


* Rick Wilson, California Geological Survey Senior Engineering Geologist

- New tsunami maps reflect impact to Coastside, HMB Review, 1/6/2010

- Tsunami inundation map, Montara Mountain Quadrangle, 6/15/2009