December 13, 2016

Code Complaint Filed against MidPen

For Habitat Destruction in Moss Beach

Resist Density filed a Code Complaint with the County of San Mateo for the destruction of habitat and the clearing of trees and shrubs without a permit on an 11 acre parcel of land in Moss Beach being sought-after by MidPen Housing to develop.


During the week of December 5, a significant amount of tree, shrub and habitat removal took place on property (APN: 037-022-070), a wild parkland with historical significance located across Highway 1 from the Montara Lighthouse. The removal took place without a permit (confirmed by the San Mateo County Planning Department) and prior to the publication of an Environmental Impact Report which is required as part of the proposed MidPen development.


Resist Density, a non-profit organization advocating for the protection and sensible planning for the unincorporated MidCoast of San Mateo county, filed the complaint on December 13. The organization is concerned that the parcel is home to many species of plants and animals. Neighbors have reported sightings of at least two endangered species on the property: The California Red Legged Frog and the San Francisco Garter Snake. In addition, it was a top-secret WWII artillery training camp so surface and underground hazards may exist. Its close proximity to the Montara Creek and the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve are of concern due to potential run-off that excavation and land clearing causes, particularly now with the Winter rains.


Resist Density is a tax-exempt nonprofit educational organization advocating for the conservation of coastal land and sensible development within the fixed infrastructure constraints and geographic isolation of the Unincorporated San Mateo County Midcoast. Please click here to get involved or donate.