Wildfire Threat

The recent devastating wildfires in Paradise and southern California raise serious questions about how to prepare for a coastal wildfire in San Mateo County. There is no comprehensive disaster preparedness plan or evacuation plan should a major wildfire occur.


The San Mateo County Midcoast is unique in that we have only one road in, through, and out. There are no alternate routes - residents and visitors are served exclusively by HWY 1, a small two-lane highway.

• What are local and County agencies doing to formulate a wildfire and evacuation plan for the coastside?

• How will our different communities coordinate  efforts?

• What can the residents do?

• How will tourists and visitors be informed?

Links for further information:


• CPUC Fire Threat Interactive Map

Ready, Set, Go - Cal Fire

• LA Times 11/13/18: Despite fire after fire, Paradise continued to boom - until California's worst wildfire hit

The San Mateo County Coast is surrounded by Tier 2 (Elevated) and Tier 3 (Extreme) Fire Threat areas. http://cpuc_firemap2.sig-gis.com/#

There is just one road in, through, and out of the coast