RV Lot to Block Scenic Coastal Corridor

Proposal in Process

Public opposition runs strong against this proposed 50 Space RV Lot at the gateway of Pillar Point Harbor. Resist Density is concerned about the significant impacts this project will have on the coastal environment, scenic views, traffic, and an already failing sewer system. We are urging the County to adequately address important issues before any approvals to the developer are made. In particular, we are concerned with:


Impact on scenic ocean view

The current proposed design will result in blocked views. Even with attempts to “preserve” the southbound view corridor and not block the ocean view as proposed in the application, you will still see RV’s and trailers from both north and south dominating the view. This significantly changes the character of the harbor and reduces its appeal. At the very least, the developer should leave the entire southbound view corridor undeveloped, placing an outside fence along the north side of the view corridor boundary and planting 10-foot trees, as MCC has proposed. This will not only preserve the current southbound view, but it will also hide the RV park from the northbound view.


Failing Sewer Infrastructure

The coast has a failing sewer infrastructure as illustrated by the large numbers of overflows documented. There were 101 SSOs on the Coastside from 2011 - 2017 including 20 category 1, meaning it reached surface water, ie the ocean. We question whether the current infrastructure can support any more projects. New permits for large projects like this RV Park should be more critically reviewed with respect to their impact on outdated and overburdened system infrastructure. Specifically, the Sewer Authority Mid-Coastside (SAM) should be consulted on proposed projects like these and asked to confirm that it can handle the additional sewer volume (under both dry and rainy conditions). Read more about Resist Density's SSO reporting.

Aerial image of proposed RV Lot at corner of HWY1 & Capistrano (from MCC website)

Cumulative impact of large-scale projects

This RV Park will add to a growing list of large projects on the coast in various phases of the approval process. Yet, there is a lack of any meaningful study which takes into account all of these projects and their impacts on traffic, road safety, sewer, water, and the environment. Who is looking at the big picture?

Lack of comprehensive traffic study

There is no comprehensive traffic study taking into account all of the projects on the coast. Also, the intersection of HWY 1 and Capistrano is already one of the main access routes and choke points for the approved Big Wave project.

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